In most wedding, actual day wedding photographer will take table-to-table shots and it typically takes weeks for softcopy photo to be ready in weeks. Sharing those photos in social media might not reach to all your guests especially the older folks who is not so tech savy.

With our Table Shot Instant Print, our experience photographer will goes around all the tables taking group shots of the guests at each table. Our print assistant will embed your event’s design prints layout, and get printed out instantly. Every guest will receive a copy of the print out for them to bring back home for memories. They will be amazed by receiving the photos on the same day and remember your special day for a lifetime. 

  • Each guest at the table will receive one copy of printouts

  • Softcopies provision after the event via an online gallery

  • 1 X Professional Photographer

  • 4R Printout size

  • Customised Printout Layout (3 revisions) 

  • At least 2 friendly staff on site inclusive of photographer

  • 1 x industrial grade high speed photo printer on site

  • Photo Protective sleeves provided


No. of tables X $21

Example : You need to take 25 tables to take table shots.

Your price will be as such -

25 tables * $21 = $525