Corporate Photo Booth? 6 Reasons Why Corporate Event Need a Photo Booth

Corporate Photo Booth?
6 Reasons Why Corporate Event Need a Photo Booth


Ever thought of having a Corporate Photo Booth? Planning a corporate event can be a mind-boggling experience for many people. The process can get a bit bumpy, tedious and even frustrating at times. To add a bit of magic to your occasion, proper planning and creativity are a must have traits. Adding a corporate event photo booth is a great way of adding flair to your upcoming company’s dinner, departmental function or corporate-networking event.

1. Exciting and appealing to attendees

A corporate event without a photo booth session is boring in a modern world of social media. The young in the corporate world love creating memories through snapshot moments. A photo booth will get such attendees very excited knowing they will have some stunning photographs to upload on their Instagram, Tweeter, Facebook, blogs, journals, and scrapbooks after or during the event. Investing in a corporate event photo booth will certainly make every attendees’ night.

2. A great instant gift

People are more likely to remember an event where they received some form of a corporate souvenir. There is no better way of giving your corporate event attendees a memorable experience than through special photo booth sessions. At the end of the occasion, everyone will have taken a photo with his or her team, role-models, colleagues, best-friends or even family. Special photos with embedded messages make the greatest gifts.

3. It’s inexpensive, easily available and fun

Contrary to the belief that photo booths are an expensive extravagance, they are inexpensive and easily available. You may engage our photo booth for your event without spending a fortune.

4. Customizable

Our Photo booths package comes with customization of artwork on the prints. That meant that you can insert any texts such as the event name and logo on the prints itself. To conform to your corporate event’s theme, we have 18 gorgeous backdrops selections to choose from!

5. Entertainment for everyone

Corporate events can be fun! Entertaining your guests makes them feel special and cared for. Photo booths are perfect for creating amusement and excitement for everyone. Let them have a photo booth to capture fun moments together and you will see the smile on their face when they received the photo almost immediately!

6. Promotes brand marketing

Having a photo booth in your corporate event can be good for your brand in many ways. Photo booths make it possible for attendees to capture great shots that will be shared on different social media networks. Getting tagged in such platforms can lead to new great business opportunities for you. The more your corporate event is tagged, the better for your brand.


You will never regret incorporating a photo booth for your corporate event. Speak to us about your event by call/Whatsapp +65 9826 3338 or fill out the form below and our representative will get back to you soon.

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